June 17, 2013

Welcome to the Blogosphere - We've got fun and games.

Well then. It would appear that I have made a blog. 

I used to have a web site - MiniVault.com - that housed my galleries of painted miniatures, recipe books, and the occasional gaming article. But the domain and the hosting cost money.

Then I ported all of my photos over to a Facebook page dedicated to the purpose: MiniVault on FB  This had the awesome advantage of being Free.

Well, to the best of my knowledge, these Blog thingies are likewise free. And it's sort of a pain in the booty to navigate those Facebook photo albums. And if I ever want to write an article or tips or recipes... they get lost in a Timeline or stuck in "Notes" which nobody ever clicks on. See? Now you're headed over there, trying to find where this "notes" business is located. No one knows it's there.

So I've started this Blog where I can wax philosophical about toy soldiers and painting at my whim. Hopefully I will show the sticktoitiveness to persevere and make updates a regular occurrence, instead of just crazy random happenstance.

"Geez, Schadle, enough already - just show us the damn pictures!" Yeah, I hear ya.

I have been particularly invested in Infinity: The Game as of late. So I suppose we'll get things rolling with a family shot of some PanOceania models.

Since I started posting these models, I've had several requests for the recipe for their armor. So, in an effort at actual content, here it is:

VMC 058 Field Blue <> P3 'Jack Bone <> White
Shade P3 Exile Blue
Shade P3 Coal Black
Line with RMS Blue Liner
Touch up hot-spot highlights with White

So how's that for a Blog post? Am I doing it correctly? Now that I've jumped on the bandwagon, I'm sure this will become pass√© and the next new thing will speed right by me. But for now... Hey, look what I made!


  1. Welcome to the Blog-land I guess :)

    Not a bad first post and your miniatures looks beautiful, but it would be helpful to add a bit more substance. You add the colors you used, but what about some similar ones from other companies (if you know any, if not, well, bummer but no one can know everything).

    Besides that, maybe explaining how you did it. I guess you used the shade for the blue and Coal Black with White to create that grey color?

    A guide of "How to paint" would be great for newbies that want to re-create your paint-scheme. Later on, if you are really into it you could post a WIP with pictures of the several stages.

    Just my 0.02 credits! Have fun!

  2. Hey! Welcome to the world of blogs! :-)

    I usually try to have at least 4 images for people to see, with descriptive text for each. Ten images per post is about the most you want to do on a regular basis, for a few reasons...

    Fantastic stuff!!!