June 26, 2013

Once Upon a Sword

So back in the day (Dane says it was a Wednesday), I won a Slayer Sword. It was 2005, it was in Los Angeles, and I won 7 trophies that Games Day, plus the Sword, with this Blood Ravens Space Marine Librarian.

State of the art painting, 8 years ago... heh. The internet has certainly helped miniature painting as an art form develop by leaps and bounds over the decades before. But back in the day... this is what won.

I still have the recipe for the Blue armor:

VMC 50 Dark Prussian Blue
GW Regal Blue
VMC 52 Intense Blue
VMC 54 Royal Blue
VMC 57 Medium Blue
GW Ultramarines Blue
VMC 55 Ultramarine <> VMC 66 Deep Sky Blue
VMC 67 Sky Blue
Blue Ink Glaze (thinned 10:1)

Geez that's a lot of steps! We certainly have come a long way since then. 

A friend of mine was apparently at the GW Headquarters in Nottingham, and sent me this photo last week:

Pretty nifty. Didn't know that even existed.


  1. That's like a murderers row of painters to be in there! Crazy to see how much the bar has been raised as a whole community and individually for your own work as well. Amazing achievement to have, (belated) congrats! :)

  2. I think even today that model would hold its own on the GD stage, but the biggest and best miniature painting competitions have since moved away from Golden Demons. In my opinion there are some categories in Golden Demon that have gone down in quality

    But yes back in the day Tom... that model is still awesome and back then I tried to copy it.
    Proof http://www.coolminiornot.com/72214?browseid=5853567

    and later used your recipe for Blood Ravens

  3. Maybe that mini doesn't have all those spanking-new techniques like NMM and all that but it sure looks beautiful.

    A well deserved Slayer Sword.

  4. What ever happened to your minivault website, I used to love viewing the blood ravens and your sisters of battle!