June 19, 2013

Warmachine Wednesday!

This Khador Behemoth conversion is based off the Extreme Juggernaut kit available through Privateer Press Mail Order. It uses some cannon parts from the Extreme Destroyer as well, and the head and gauntlet backs from the actual Behemoth kit. Some PVC pipe for the cannons and a bit of green stuff later...


The Behemoth was supposed to be the largest Warjack in Khador's arsenal, and that gangly ill-conceived and poorly designed model that they have for it just doesn't do it any justice. I wanted it BIG.

The recipe for the Khador Red is:

Base VMC 035 Black Red (It covers black primer in a single coat - awesome)
P3 Skorne Red
P3 Khador Base
P3 Khador Highlight
P3 Heartfire
Shade with P3 Gnarls Green
Glaze with Red Ink thinned 10:1 with water


  1. Great work Tom, pretty certain this was your Gencon 2012 large figure right? Think it picked up a (deserved) gold.

    Did you sculpt the supports between the guns and the shoulders? It jumps from blutac to painted, so I am not sure, so just guessing here,.

    Looking forward to seeing the blog develop.


  2. Ha ha! I learned that trick from White Dwarf painting articles! "Step 1: Base coat. Step 2: Wash. Step 3: Golden Demon!"

    Yes, the supports were green-stuffed. And I am not a talented sculptor, so it was hard-going.

  3. heh. the classic McVey red painting guide is really good for that. Step 2 -3 is basically repaint the entire model well, result :D

    Cheers for the response, pity I can't make Gencon this year, good luck if you are hitting the P3.

  4. Would you consider building another Extremoth on commission?