June 25, 2013

Painting the Underground Lasers Cubes

Over the weekend, I got all of the terrain pieces from Underground Lasers primed. I primed them Black all over. Then I used grey primer and sprayed them again from above at about a 30-degree angle so about two thirds of them were grey. Finally, I primed them white from a much steeper angle, so that about 1/3 of each piece was white.
This "zenithial" highlighting would inform where the highlights would be as I applied color. Some people call it "under-painting."

Tonight I sat down with a storage cube, and began applying color. I added shading with a light blue-green, turquoise, and finally P3 Coal Black, applied with an airbrush. Some of the deepest shadows received some P3 Sanguine Base to add interest. Then I added highlights with GW Shadow Grey. All these colors were applied with an airbrush. Finally, I dry-brushed some P3 Morrow White to pick out the sharpest edges. Then I briefly weathered it by using blister pack foam to sponge on some rust spots of P3 Bloodstone. It was a bit too light for my tastes, so I tried again with VMC Hull Red.

Fairly happy with the result, I grabbed the other 4 Cubes and repeated the process. Even with figuring out the recipe, it took less than two hours to paint the 5 cubes. The rest of the terrain should go even faster.

After I get everything this far, then if there is time I'll probably go back in with some orange-brown and apply some more weathering/dusting. Maybe some rusty streaks dripping down here and there. But I think for now, this is an acceptable level of "doneness" where speed is concerned. But I am super-stoked about how awesome this Underground Lasers terrain will look all together once it's all painted. And I'll take "For Reals" pictures once it's all done. The iPhone did OK, I guess...

The somewhat teal color scheme with dark-red rust came from Kevin Costner's pick-up truck in Man Of Steel. Sure, you're looking into his dreamy eyes. I was looking at how I would paint that truck bed...

And so we're a little bit closer to having another table completed for the Infinity Tournaments at Duel-Con this September. If you were thinking of joining us, ticket prices go up ten bucks at the end of the month, so might as well get yours now. Admission covers ALL EVENTS - it's not like GenCon where you pay admission AND events - it's all-inclusive. So far we have (Infinity) prize support from Underground Lasers, Warsenal, Micro Art Studios, and something from Corvus Belli as well.

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  1. Tom!

    So for shading....."light blue-green, turquoise".
    2 colors? a mix?

    I imagine you went darker as you moved downward. Which colors where these? I ask because I may have them.

    Awesome work, you're motivating me to paint my MAS buildings!