April 14, 2014


I picked these up at Adepticon last weekend. I thought they were pretty cool scatter terrain that I could add to my growing collection of Infinity terrain.

They are by a company called "Brush4Hire" which sounds more like a painting service than a terrain company... but I guess they do a little bit of everything. There was no packaging or name for the product - so I have dubbed them "Holo-Barricades."

The set comes with 4 small barricades and 4 long, as well as one set of translucent acrylic hex-patterned inserts. Since I could not decide between orange or blue, they allowed me to get a second set of acrylics for a very reasonable up-charge. Don't glue in the screens, and you can swap them out as needed - the slot is deep enough for a sturdy fit.

It's a pretty simple three-layer construction, however, it fits together too loosely. The "foot" pieces that run perpendicular to the walls float about inside their slots, so it glues to the outside or the inside, to the left or the right... but not all around.

Somewhere between the looseness of this fit, and the stubborn tightness of the Micro Art Studio kits, the truth lies.

Still in all, easy to assemble, fast to paint, and reasonably priced. I'm glad I picked them up on impulse. And the dudes working he booth were super-nice.

Searching their site, I don't actually see this incarnation of these barricades. I think this must be an "Early For Adepticon" version of an improved design. It was not only less expensive at Adepticon, but also it is a better design than what they have currently available.

The painting was done quickly and easily - less than an hour for the whole set. 

Over black primer I base-coated VMC Neutral Gray.  The MDF was super-thirsty so at this point I sealed with some Krylon Matte Finish. Then I highlighted with Neutral Grey + White, then just White (through an airbrush, including absorption, it never comes off pure white). I shaded with Black. Then I used thinned White to add edge highlights with a brush.

A little airbrushed weathering with VMC Orange-Brown and then P3 Thornwod Green, and they were all set!

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