April 23, 2014

Robotech RPG Tactics Zentradi Regult Battle Pod

Back as a young teen with a paper route, I would make sure to get going extra early on Saturday mornings so that I would be finished and home in time to watch Robotech on TV.

As a later teen, I had the Palladium Robotech RPG books and would watch reruns on VHS.

So when Palladium ran their KickStarter for a miniatures game that would have all the mecha from the original Macross saga, it was a no-brainer that I would back it. And like everyone else that invested in the development of this game and miniatures, I wait for all the production to be finished so that I can get all my awesome models! Should be any month now.

However, about a year ago at one trade show or another - maybe the GAMA Trade Show, maybe Adepticon - they had some pewter versions of the Regult Battle Pod available and I was able to get my hands on one.

Hopefully the final design is a more rounded, "pod" design - this one does have a funny angle in the middle of the fuselage (the blue part ought to be more spherical). Still, as they get closer and closer to finishing production, I get more and more excited, so wanted to get some paint down on this guy right away.

The white was base-coated VMC Pale BlueGrey, shaded with VMC French Mirage Blue, and highlighted with white. I had all three colors "open" on my wet palette and mixed intermediate colors as needed from them.

The blue is VMC Deep Sky Blue, shaded with GW Ice Blue (or is that a VGC color? Or did I just make up a name when labeling that bottle with a sharpie?) and Ultramarines Blue and highlighted by adding white to the Deep Sky.

The grey was VMC Neutral Grey, shaded with VMC Black Grey and Black, Highlighted adding white to the Neutral Grey.

Watching the discs again as an adult (alleged) makes me think the whole thing is a lot better off without Minmei...


  1. Your first few intro lines could have been taken from my youth too..... except for the paper round bit.

    I didn't get onboard with this kickstarter, due to the fact that I've got far too many toys as it is! But I reckon the minis look great!

  2. Still kicking myself for not supporting this kickstaryer but oh well. Too many models to paint not enough time.