April 21, 2014

Warsenal Shipping Container

Shipping crates. Probably because of AT-43 (almost every model it seemed came with a realistic 28mm-scale cargo container), the shipping crate or cargo container has become an ubiquitous feature on Infinity gaming tables everywhere. And almost every after-market terrain manufacturer has their own version.

This particular one, by Warsenal, is unique in that each of the six panels that makes up the walls of the container are removable as doors, offering a variety of tactical options when laying out a table. Do you leave a panel open, offering an easy way in as well as a covered firing position? Do you leave out two, creating a fire lane through the crate? Do you leave all the doors in, forcing models to use short movement skills to open the doors if they want to move inside? You can even replace a door entirely with another ladder section.

Warsenal also has available a set of barricades that serve admirably as walls, fire lane disruptors, and cover for your infantry when arranged on the table top.

However, these barricades are also ingeniously designed to slot on to the tops of the shipping containers, offering cover to shooters atop the crates.

The shipping containers stack on top of each other and can overlap and bridge each other. There are also custom doors with numbers or multi-lingual signage, a cool bridge piece, and small cube containers as well that are all stackable and interchangeable.

I plan on bulking up my collection of these versatile containers soon!


  1. Can you say what colors/paints were used to paint these?

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