April 11, 2014

Tom's Tohaa Take Titles!

I went to Adepticon last weekend, and played in a couple of Infinity events with the Tohaa that I've been painting.  Then I turned around and entered those same Tohaa in the Crystal Brush painting competition.

I wasn't even supposed to play, or enter the contest (I just threw in some gaming pieces at the last minute), because I was supposed to be working.  But after quitting last Monday, I headed out there on my own to see all my old friends, hang out with more recent friends, and make more new friends.

Turns out, I won the two tournaments I played in. Neat, huh?

Then those Tohaa won a gold for sci-fi squad in the Crystal Brush! Also neat.

I also won a bronze Crystal Brush for the Asuka Kisaragi I painted for Bill at Warsenal.  I wasn't even going to enter anything until Bill brow-beated me into it, so I hope that he is happy to own an award-wining model!

And in a little networking, a little drinking, and some Captain America, and it was one heck of a weekend. Exhausting, but totally worth it.


  1. Well deserved! Was excited to see your models in the online voting and can't wait to see what's coming next.

  2. Congrats on the awards! Some great looking models, truly.

    Are you no longer working for Battlefoam then? Will that affect the O-12 podcast?

  3. Wish I could have spent more time to watch Infinity and met you. Have to say that you definitely helped put the infinity bug back in my ear with this blog, and I'm working on my Yu Jing now!

    Congratulations in both Brushes and the tournament wins!

  4. Awesome Tom!!!! Are the 9 models what you used in the Infinity event? Would you mind sharing your force list?