April 25, 2014

Parks and Recreation

I keep banging out more terrain pieces, and they're usually by Warsenal. Did I mention that Infinity benefits from a surplus of terrain?

One of 40K's old slogans was, "The more terrain, the better the game."

It's clever, because it almost rhymes.

But they didn't mean it. Not REALLY. Infinity, though, DEFINITELY needs all the terrain you can muster, mister.

To that end - I've painted up some Warsenal Island Packs to go with the planters I just finished. Convenient, because some of these Island Pack bits are suspiciously similar to the Planters...

Picnic tables on sidewalks surrounded by planters. Simple enough, but super-effective at breaking up long fields of fire. And as they are all collected on sidewalk tiles, you don't end up tossing about a gaggle of scatter terrain with one errant arm swipe.

The Small Island I completely assembled before painting. I do not recommend this. Instead, paint the sidewalks, planters, and tables/benches all separately and then stick them together. Especially if airbrushing, this will make things go MUCH quicker and easier for you.

The Large Island is cool because it takes up more table space than an MAS District 5 Apartment, and creates more interesting approach vectors, without providing any "unfair" perches for sinister snipers to abuse. At about a third of the cost, you can really start to fill up a table quickly and inexpensively with these.

Combined with the planters, they form a very thematic, matching battlefield to fight over. Placed all together, I think it would feel like fighting over Disney World, or some suburban, south Florida, outdoor shopping mall, like where Coffeebucks is on Cougar Town.

The planter recipe was just in yesterday's post. For the Sidewalks, I based with VMC Neutral Grey and highlighted the outer edges with VMC Deck Tan. Then I used P3 Cryx Bane Highlight to airbrush in between those two colors, easing the transition. The center of each sidewalk was shadowed with P3 Coal Black, and the very edges were highlighted white. Then edge highlights were added with a brush using white (this works because the airbrush does not deliver the white full-strength over the colors underneath).

The tables and benches were based with VMC Hull Red plus Brown Ink. Then they were highlighted with VMC Reflective Green. I added VMC Yellow Green to the Reflective Green for the first highlight, and then to that mix added VMC Ivory for a further highlight. I used a brush to apply the edge highlights with Reflective Green plus Yellow Green plus Ivory.

The aquarium and Ikea plastic plants I did not paint at all. I think they look just fine in there for gaming terrain! I can't wait to set all this new terrain up on my city board and get some In-Action shots to share!

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