April 10, 2014

Tohaa: Kumotail Bioengineer

The Kumotail are both Engineer and Doctor, necessary for repairing the bio-tech of the symbiont armors of the Tohaa. With a WIP 14, they are a solid Specialist for objectives as well.

And a family portrait of the progress so far:

The great thing about Infinity - this is almost an entire army list. Less models than a single squad of Orks, and my army is already nearing completion. Chew on that next time you're ready to pull your hair out over painting your 158th identical Imperial Guardsman.

1 comment:

  1. Schadle, been loving your Tohaa. I just started assembling and friggin Neema broke at the leg already - unrepairable. Gotta get a new one. I have a couple questions for you.

    I'm using resin bases like you (SW alien temples) and some of the tohaa come with attached rocks and stuff. For example the clipsos is jumping over a rocky outcrop, how are you going to deal with that on your resin bases?

    I'm planning on doing the studio color scheme for mine, with some changes of course, but got any tips for a painter starting out on these overly detailed tohaa?

    Anyway, when are we going to see some more? I would love to see how you treat the more heavily armored varieties.