April 30, 2014

Jungle Table Cheapa$$ Buildings

For my urban terrain boards, I like to use fancy, pre-fabricated building kits from places like Warsenal or Micro Art Studio. I think that the machined, finished effect is essential to creating the very futuristic and cinematic feel of my vision of Infinity, that no scratch-built piece of foam core can match - or at least not without putting in hours of extra work.

Since the focus of this jungle table was cheap, quick, and effective, I did not want to spend a lot of money on the long-abandoned structures that would populate my stretch of planet Paradiso. Nor did I want to spend the time building and painting those pieces to a standard that those types of kits demand, for a table where they were not the main focus. I'll save that dedication for my urban boards.

Maybe they are old Ariadnan colonial outposts. Maybe long-lost scientific labs. Ancient storage tanks or abandoned barracks... Whatever they are, they are being swallowed by the jungles of Paradiso.

I decided to use electrical junction boxes and outlet boxes to create my buildings. They are very cheap, ranging from $1.29 to $6.99, are made of plastic that takes paint well, and aside from sawing off a few extraneous pieces, come pre-built!

I added a bunch of leftover Micro Art, Warsenal, and Underground Lasers bits to the outsides of these "buildings" to add detail and help bring them to life.

Just like the plant life, I cut out and beveled bases for the structures, affixing them with hot glue and super glue.

Get these painted up and the board ready to go, and I'll already have an entirely new, full board for more Infinity games!


  1. I really dig them, great way to get some functional line of sight blocking terrain on the board. Very inspirational. Off to Home Depot for me!

  2. Another good shape is disposable paint buckets.