February 27, 2015

Bumblebee Step By Step

This resin car terrain piece by Antenociti's Workshop spruces up any Infinity game table. Here's how I painted mine.

I'm painting this 90% with an airbrush. Dark lining and edge highlights are painted with a regular detail brush.

I started with the windshields. They are based with P3 Cygnar Blue Base, then highlighted with P3 Cygnar Blue Highlight, old GW Ice Blue (VGC Ice Blue is the equivalent), VGC Wolf Grey and White. Then it was shaded with P3 Coal Black. It was lined with RMS Blue Liner, and then edge highlights were painted with Wolf Grey and White.

Using blue painter's tape and liquid mask, I protect my finished windows.

Next, I painted the metal of the wheels, engine and side exhausts. Over black, I used VMC 166 Dark Grey, 160 Neutral Grey, 155 Light Grey, and White.

Some tones were added using VGC Turquoise mixed with a drop of P3 Cygnar Blue Base.

It is lined with Black, and then edge highlighted with White, before getting the liquid mask treatment.

Next up are the head and tail lights. I used Vallejo Game Air Bloody Red, Hot Orange and Orange Fire, then old GW Golden Yellow (VGC Gold Yellow) and Sunburst Yellow (Sunblast Yellow) and finally white.

Mask it!

I want the car to have two black stripes. It is much easier to paint the stripe color first, mask your racing stripes off with a single piece of tape, and then paint the main body color over it instead of painting the main body and trying to mask off stripes using multiple pieces of tape later.

To highlight the black, I used P3 Coal Black <> Exile Blue <> VGC Wolf Grey.

Now that the black is done, I can mask off where I want those stripes to be. I measured and cut even strips from a wider piece of yellow Frog Tape painter's tape. Just put a long strip of tape on your cutting board, measure and mark the width you need, and use a metal ruler to cut long pieces at once.

To help "seal" the edges of the stripe tape, I sprayed some more black over it before starting the main body color.

Finally! With all the smaller details handled, we can start painting the main color. I base coat with VGC 131 Orange Brown, and then shade that with VGC 137 Cavalry Brown. Then I highlight with 015 Flat Yellow (The real main color), 010 Light Yellow, and 013 Ice Yellow. Edge Highlights are also painted with 013 Ice Yellow.

Time to peel off all the masking tape and fluid!  You can see that it is not 100% precise, so simply touch up with a regular brush, lining, edging, and fixing blemishes as required.

For completed pictures, check out yesterday's blog post.

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