February 27, 2015

Painting Service

I offer a professional miniatures painting service to collectors and gamers alike. As you may have noticed browsing this blog, I tend to favor miniatures for Infinity: The Game, but can also paint models from any range.

Prices and time-frame vary based on complexity and quantity. Please email me today with the details of your project so that I can provide a quote.

I put out top-notch single figure and gaming amies. I do not lower my quality of output to paint "on the cheap." This offer is for high-quality, beautiful miniatures that you will be proud to own and play with. There are many other services that can provide you with fast, inexpensive models at a lower quality.

Using the Infinity: The Game "Silhouette" system as a basic pricing guide, quotes will begin in the following ranges, per model:

S1 - Small, half-sized infantry such as Crazy Koalas, Fast Pandas, and Spotbots - $50-75
S2 - Standard 25mm - 32mm Infantry model - $150
S3 - Remotes, small artillery pieces - $150-200
S4 - Motorbikes, Combat Remotes, larger artillery - $200-300
S5 - Larger, bulkier infantry models and smaller monsters - $200
S6 - Larger Monsters, Mini-TAGs, bigger stuff - $250-$300
S7 - TAGs, large robots, Warjacks - $300+

Again, that is just a basic guide so you know the ballpark I am asking before receiving a quote. They are not hard and fast prices, and can change based on the complexity of the model, color scheme, etc.


You can purchase the models and have them sent to me, or I can acquire the models for you. I will charge actual price paid for the models, and that amount will be required as a part of the deposit for the project.


Models include a basic sand-textured base top as standard. And further details, custom-building, or the use of resin or acrylic bases will cost extra, as appropriate. I recommend bases by Warsenal and Dragon Forge Design.


Painting includes cleaning and assembly of the models, with joint pinning where appropriate (and viable). Models will be spray-primed, painted, and spray-varnished with Testor's DullCote when complete.


I am not accepting commissions for large 40K-style armies with hundreds of models at this time. However, if your army has 10-20 models, or if you would like a unit of a similar size, I am up for that. Orders for models in a similar, coherent color scheme will be eligible for a 10% discount off of regular prices, thanks to the time saved in "assembly-lining" while painting.

Infinity Armies - If you're new to the game or to a faction, I am happy to help design an army list along with suggestions on how to use it for any of the Infinity: The Game factions. We can discuss this together to help plan your Complete Infinity Army project. 


All shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer. This includes tracking and insurance, at the buyer's discretion. This also includes the shipping costs, if any, of models ordered for the project. Models are sent from Chandler, AZ, USA.


PayPal is the accepted form of payment. It can accept all of your credit and debit cards. Payment in full will be required before the models are shipped. If payment is not received within 7 days of completion, the models become mine to do with as I see fit, and the Deposit paid is forfeit.

Is a Deposit Required?
Yes, the full retail value of the models to be purchased will be invoiced as a deposit, along with 10% of the final cost of the project.  The balance will be required before models are shipped. Deposits are non-refundable.


  1. Tom,

    I finally got a credit card that my wife doesn't have access to! It's an AMEX so I am going to link it to my paypal account so I can start using you to paint some models. However; I already have some Infinity figs (Nomads), can I send those or do you need to purchase them? Some are build and primed black, others are still in their original box. Tell me what you prefer.

    I have some airbrushes and what not but just don't have the time and when I do I lack the energy....and, of course, I lack the massive amount of experience and talent you have. It has been almost 15 years and you were already a professional painter then, you must be unbelievably talented now!


  2. Do you paint only Infinity 28mm figs, or do you do 25mm/ 1/72 scale? Like Elheim, Under Fire or even Caesar ? And what would the going rates? You can rewach me at jrotten1844@hotmail.com. Thanks! or 29olmstead@gamil.com.

  3. Do you paint only Infinity 28mm figs, or do you do 25mm/ 1/72 scale? Like Elheim, Under Fire or even Caesar ? And what would the going rates? You can rewach me at jrotten1844@hotmail.com. Thanks! or 29olmstead@gamil.com.

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