February 25, 2015

Warsenal's Kum Garage

This fantastic piece of terrain by Warsenal is their Kum Garage (But I'm calling it my PanO Remotes Garage!). It makes a great centerpiece for any table, and also takes up a nice chunk of real estate. It features LOS-blocking obstructions around its perimeter, a fully playable interior accessible via removable roof with catwalks, stairways, railings and doorways. And the base includes two tunnels models can crawl through after opening the grates.

To watch this building come together step by step, click on the "Kum Garage" tag in the word cloud in the right column.


  1. Beautiful work Tom, thanks for taking the time to put this series together.

  2. That looks great. I'm new to airbrushing myself, so I'm taking notes for my own buildings.