February 10, 2015

Warsenal's Kum Garage - Preparation

Over the next several days, I will be chronicling the assembly and painting of the Warsenal Kum (rhymes with Broom) Garage. This is the largest terrain kit I have ever assembled, and makes a killer centerpiece on the gaming table.

The kit is made of MDF and acrylic, and like most MDF terrain kits comes packaged in flat sheets that you punch the pieces out of. Some of the pieces have a tiny tab connecting the MDF to the frame, and it is better to slice through this with a hobby knife than it is to try and push it out with brute force!

I used sanding sticks, a sanding block, and sometimes a square needle file to clean up any nubs left by those connecting tabs.

I spent a bunch of time dry-fitting everything to make sure that I understood how the kit went together before I applied any glue. Regular craft glue works great on the MDF to MDF joins, while super glue takes care of MDF-to-acrylic.  

The assembly PDF that Warsenal has on their web site is super handy. 

I also had to plan out a general idea of how I was going to paint it. If I assembled it all at once, I wouldn't be able to get to everything that needs to be painted, so I broke it down into logical sub-assemblies that would be easier to paint. Also, if you stick it together before painting, then you'll end up priming the clear acrylic windows, and that's no good.

About 42 million pieces
Pre-Paint assemblies

When all put together, this thing has a 12" x 12" footprint, and is 6.5" at its highest point. It's huge!

I primed both sides of everything (even if it would later not be visible, to help against warping) with Krylon Dual black paint and primer in one.


  1. Looking forward to seeing you tackle this project. I've been on the fence on whether I pick it up or not.

  2. I bought a good sized stack of their buildings at Christmas time and am starting to sort things out for some prep and construction. Interested to see your step by step.

  3. Been looking forward to your terrain painting tutorial since you mentioned that you would post it up.