February 11, 2015

Warsenal's Kum Garage - Steel Accessories

Continuing the step-by-step of my Kum Garage by Warsenal.

The first thing I painted were the metal accessories - Awnings and ventilation, parts of the gas tank and trash bin. I used an airbrush (A Badger Patriot that I won in a contest on the WGC Infinity Facebook Group), and only used a "regular" brush for the final edge highlights.

After priming everything black (I used Krylon Dual Paint and Primer In One), the parts were base-coated with Vallejo Model Color 160 Neutral Grey, and then highlighted with VMC 155 Light Grey:

And then highlighted further with White:

Then first shadows were applied with VMC 168 Black Grey:

And more shadows with Black:

Tones were applied using Vallejo Game Colour Turquoise, with some P3 Cygnar Blue Base mixed in:

Finally, edge highlights were applied in White with a brush. I use the flat of the bristles (the side), instead of the point, and drag it along the edge at a 45-degree angle, so just the sharpest edge is picked out.

Before moving on, time to mask off the steel areas just finished so I can paint the other colors. I'm using Utrecht watercolor art masking fluid, as well as plastic wrap from the kitchen and some blue painter's masking tape.

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