February 16, 2015

Warsenal's Kum Garage - Weathering the Accessories

This week I'll continue on with the step-by-step of the Kum Garage by Warsenal.

Having all the smaller add-on bits finished and factory clean, it's time to give them that "used universe" look.

First thing is to rough up the edges, where paint is likely to get stained, rubbed off and chipped over time.

One neat way to do this chipping effect is to use some blister pack foam and a dark earth tone or even black. Here I've used P3 Umbral Umber. Balling up the foam and securing it with a rubber band helps prevent unnatural, repetitive shapes that can happen if you use a more geometric shape or the corners.

Next I added some rusty areas using the airbrush and a mix of VMC 131 Orange Brown with a touch of 137 Cavalry Brown mixed in.

To the orange tank and bin, I applied some staining again with the airbrush, using P3 Umbral Umber and VMC 100 Black Green.

Tomorrow, we tackle the floors.

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