February 17, 2015

Warsenal's Kum Garage - The Floors

Continuing with the step-by-step of the fabulous Kum Garage terrain kit by Warsenal.

I decided I wanted the arrows on the parking spaces to light up red (well, fake paint light-up - not LED craziness or anything), so the first step was to paint the arrows, which would then get masked off before painting the bulk of the concrete floors.

They started with VMC 034 Burnt Cadmium Red.
(Cadmium is really toxic, so do not spray it unless you have one hell of a respirator mask, or if you are using the newer, cadmium-free formula. I like heavy metal, too - just not this kind).

This was then highlighted with Vallejo Game Air Bloody Red. The white-ish "highlights" you see are glare from the lamps... sorry.

More highlighting with Game Air Orange Fire.

And even lighter with VGC Gold Yellow. You can see that I am concentrating the brighter colors toward the centers of the arrows.

Final Highlights, very focused at the center, are with White.

Once that is completely dry (and I do use a hairdryer to speed things along), I can then mask it with liquid masking fluid.

The mask takes awhile to dry (I lay it on pretty thick so that it is easier to remove). Once it is I can base the concrete with VMC 160 Neutral Grey.

Then I highlighted with VMC 110 Deck Tan.

I soften the transition between them using P3 Cryx Bane Highlight.

Final Highlights are added with White.

And then shading is done with P3 Coal Black.

Using white to edge highlight the concrete, that part is done. But don't go peeling off the mask just yet, as there is more to paint on this sub-assembly.

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