February 18, 2015

Warsenal's Kum Garage - Finishing the Base

Continuing with the step-by-step of the fabulous Kum Garage terrain kit by Warsenal.

First thing we need to do is protect the finished parts from getting over-sprayed. Blue painter's tape and some cellophane will cover it up quickly and easily.

Then we can paint the grates in our same steel colors.

After liquid-masking those, it is on to the interior floor colors (also used for interior ceilings).

First is a base coat of VMC 104 Iraqi Sand.

That is highlighted with VMC 005 Ivory.

Then some shadows with VMC 133 Cork Brown.

And more shadows with VMC 142 US Field Drab.

After masking off the floor, we can paint the interior bits our main Blue color. I start with VMC 070 Blue Green.

That gets shadows with VGC Turquoise and P3 Coal Black.

Highlights are added by mixing VGC Wolf Grey into the VMC 070 Blue Green, and then adding white to the mix.

Peel up the mask, and Vee-oh-lay, a base piece ready for some weathering.

I stain the base with the same rusty mixture as the steel parts received (VMC 131 Orange Brown with some 137 Cavalry Brown mixed in). I also stained parts using P3 Thornwood Green.

I then applied the paint chipping with blister pack foam, using a mixture of P3 Umbral Umber and Black. I not only stippled around corners and edges, but also used dragged the foam to create streaks. Make sure to dab off most of the paint first.

Next, I did something I wish I hadn't done. I liked the look of the red arrows at this point, but wanted it to glow a bit more, so tried the old trick of spray some white, then overspray the area with Ghost Tints Red. I liked it better before I did this...

Next up will be a whole lot of stairs and steps...


  1. The lighting seems off. The red stripes are suppose to be glowing but the concrete has shading between them

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