December 30, 2014

PanOceania - Nisse Sniper

The Nisse Sniper has an awesome profile - High ballistic skill, an excellent ranged weapon in the MULTI-Sniper Rifle, Mimetism, and a Visor... Mathematically, they are absolutely BALLER. And then, when I roll dice for them.. Sigh...

The white cloth was achieved by basing with VMC 160 Neutral Grey, then <> White. It was then shadowed and Lined with 166 Dark Grey.

December 29, 2014

PanOceania - Auxilia

The Auxilia are the basic security/police/military force on NeoTerra. Each officer is accompanied by an Auxbot, Ghost-Synchronised to him or her, that mimics their actions. The Auxilia wields a combi-rifle, while the Auxbot totes a Heavy Flamethrower. Cheap at the price, and the Forward Observer version is a super-cheap specialist option.

The Reds are base coated VMC 035 Black Red (great for coverage over black), and the main color is 031 Flat Red. Highlights are built up adding VGC Scrofulous Brown and then white.

December 26, 2014

PanOceania - Akalis, Sikh Commando

The new design for the Commando Akals is freaking awesome!

I opted to not go with the green details on my own version... but I might go back and re-do it after this. I like it!

The green (again, thanks to Angel himself) starts with VMC 084 USA Uniform, 082 Olive Green, 079 Golden Olive, and 005 Ivory. Mix freely between the colors.

December 24, 2014

PanOceania - Father-Knight

The exclusive figure, only available in the Operation: Icestorm box, the Father-Knight is one of the best Infinity sculpts to date!

The recipe for the blue armor can be found in my handy step-by-step article HERE.

Merry Christmas, everyone - and Happy Holidays! I hope Santa brings you everything you asked for tomorrow! Especially if it's N3!

December 23, 2014

PanOceania - Fusiliers

The next commission on the docket was for two armies based on the complete 300-point armies found in Operation: Icestorm.  The client wanted the armies to look as close to the "Official Studio" paint jobs as possible. I'm no Angel Giraldez, but I tried my best!

First up, we have the new PanOceania Fusiliers.

As often as available, I used the recipes straight from Angel Giraldez. So the khakis began with VMC 142 Field Drab and were highlighted with 123 Dark Sand, adding in 005 Ivory for further highlights. The lining and shadows were done with 149 Chocolate Brown.

The Olive Drab of the other half of the pants began with VMC 149 Chocolate Brown, then highlighted 143 Flat Earth <> 123 Dark Sand, and shaded with black. Instead of a smooth blend, short strokes and cross-hatches were used to chieve a sense of cloth texture.