April 30, 2015

Infinity - Ariadna: Croc Man (Hardcase)

This Croc Man with Boarding Shotgun (PanOceania) is standing in as an USAridna Hardcase for the VSI mercenaries.

The dark flesh was based with VMC Chocolate Brown 144. This was shaded with P3 Exile Blue and then Black. Highlights were added by gradually adding VMC Dark Flesh 019 to the Chocolate Brown, and finally adding Beige 008.

April 29, 2015

Infinity - Ariadna: Chasseur with ADHL

Next up for the Volt Securities and Interdiction Ariadna army is the Chasseur with Adhesive Launcher.

I painted the flesh by base coating with a 50/50 mix of VMC Brown Sand 132 and Medium Flesh 021. This was shaded using a wash of 50/50 Flat Earth 143 and Black Red 035. I re-highlighted with the base color, then added Sunny Skintone 020 to the base color for further highlights. The next highlight was a 30/70 mix of Medium Fleshtone 021 and Basic Fleshtone 017, and then just pure Basic Fleshtone. Areas were tinted with very translucent Orange Brown 131 and Cavalry Brown 137. The female models' lower lips were also painted with Cavalry Brown 137, highlighted by adding white.

April 28, 2015

Infinity - Ariadna: Chasseur

The Volt Securities and Interdiction force continues with this Merovingian Chasseur. These nasty Infiltrating, Camoflaged guys carry a light flamethrower in addition to the rifle, and can be a Specialist for only 20 points! Nuts.

The bases were primed black, then airbrushed VMC Dark Prussian Blue 050, Royal Blue 054 <> VGC Wolf Grey. Then they were lined with black and edged with Wolf Grey.

The orange lights on the bases were simply airbrushed white, allowing a corona to over-spray around the lights, then hit with a coat of Ghost Tints Orange.

April 27, 2015

Infinity - Ariadna: Line Kazaks

My next Infinity Army project was for a client that wanted to represent a mercenary force that has featured in his role-playing and tabletop games over the years, Volt Securities and Interdiction. As such, it is made up of models from several different factions that will "count as" different Ariadna units on the game table.He sent along this style sheet for the company logo:

First up are the basic troops: Line Kazaks, represented by actual Line Kazaks!

The grey color used through the army was airbrushed (over black primer) VMC Dark Grey 166, Neutral Grey 160, and Light Grey 155. It was lined with Black Grey 168, and edge highlighted Light Grey 155 and White.