July 3, 2017

Warsenal Cosmica HAB Building

The Cosmica Colony is a fantastically detailed collection of modular terrain by Warsenal. The range consists of several frames with a variety of wall panels that can be swapped in and out as desired.

This building is their HAB Building, which bundles the Zeta Frame and Zeta Roof with the Airlock, Transfer Tunnel, Bunks and Observation Panel facades.

Base coated via airbrush with P3 Menoth White Base.
Highlighted via airbrush with P3 Menoth White Highlight and then with White.
Shadows via airbrush with a mic of Menoth White Base and Cryx Bane Highlight.
Shadows lined with brush with the same mix, or plain Menoth Base in the lighter areas.
Edges highlighted with brush with pure white.

Base coated via airbrush with VMC 131 Orange Brown.
Highlighted via airbrush with a mix of Orange Brown and VGC Scrofulous Brown.
Highlighted via airbrush adding VMC 013 Ice Yellow to the previous mix.
Shaded via Airbrush with VMC 137 Cavalry Brown.
Shaded with brush using a mix of Cavalry Brown and Orange Brown (pure Cavalry in the darkest areas).
Edge Highlighted with brush using Orange Brown on the darkest parts, Scrofulous Brown in the mid-range, and Scrofulous + Ice Yellow on the brightest parts.

Basecoat with black.
Highlight via airbrush using VMC Black Grey, Dark Grey, Neutral Grey and then Light Grey.
Line with brush using Black.
Edge Highlight with brush using Dark Grey for the darkest areas, Neutral Grey on the mid-range, and Light Grey on the brightest parts.

Base coat with VMC Turquoise using the airbrush.
Airbrush highlights with VMC Light Turquoise, VGC Electric Blue, Glacier Blue, and White.
Edge highlights with brush using White.

First, using VMC German Camo Black Brown and some blister pack foam, stipple the paint sparingly around the edges and corners for the chipped and scratched paint look.
Then, using an airbrush, use straight GW Agrax Earthshade to dakren anbd dirty the white and orange sections.
To weather the black sections, airbrush a mic of VMC Orange Brown and Cavalry Brown.