May 14, 2015

Infinity - Ariadna: Terlach McMurrough

The last model in the Volt Securities and Interdiction army is Terlach McMurrough, mercenary Dog-Warrior. He can be used as an unnamed Cameronian in a generic Ariadna list as well as himself in a Caledonian Sectorial.

And finally, a group picture of all the Volts together:

May 13, 2015

Infinity - Ariadna: Uxía "Cherry" McNeill

This is the "Covert Action" version of Uxía McNeill; there is also an "SAS" version.

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May 12, 2015

Infinity - Ariadna: Tuareg Sniper (Foxtrot Ranger)

Another Tuareg-as-Foxtrot proxy, this one is armed with a Sniper Rifle.

Be sure to check out all the previous Blog posts from the last two weeks to check out all the color recipes for how they were painted. Just click "Volts" in the word cloud on the right!

May 11, 2015

Infinity - Ariadna: Tuaregs (Foxtrot Ranger)

These Haqqislam models are standing in as Foxtrot Rangers in the list for the Volt Securities and Interdiction army.

There's two of them. No, really - check the base.

The Silver parts started out exactly as all the black parts, so to save time I painted them all at once. The difference is that the highlights cover more of an area on the silver parts than they do on the black parts.

So they all started base-coated black. The next color is VMC Black Grey 168, then Dark Grey 166, Neutral Grey 160, and finally White.

The silver parts then got glazed with a mix of VGC Turquoise and P3 Cygnar Blue Base.

For quick, small detail bits of silver, like belt buckles and things I may have missed until the final detailing stage, I started with VGC Sombre Grey, and highlighted with Wolf Grey and White. If the bits were big enough, they got the Turquoise/Blue glaze, and a little shadow with black (or at least black lining).

May 8, 2015

Infinity - Ariadna: Kazak Spetsnaz with Sniper Rifle

This is one of the newer Ariadna sculpts, and what a beauty. The Spetsnaz is a new troop type for N3 (Infinity Third Edition), and their rules are as good as the model looks!

The Tactical Rocks™ were painted with a base coat of P3 Cryx Bane Highlight. Using a two-brush blending technique, I shaded them with Cryx Bane Base and then with a mixture of Umbral Umber and Black. I then touched up the base color, and added highlights by mixing some 'Jack Bone into the Cryx Highlight. Finally, to give whatever help I could for them to blend in somewhat with the base, I glazed the bottom portions of the rocks with some VMC 050 Dark Prussian Blue. Stupid Tactical Rocks™.

May 7, 2015

Infinity - Ariadna: Scout

This is the old Ariadna Scout Sniper model, but could certainly be used as the Ojótnik load-out as well.

The blues were painted with P3 Cygnar Blue Base, then highlighted with Cygnar Blue Highlight <> VGC Ice Blue <> White. Shades were added with VMC 050 Dark Prussian Blue (lining was also done with this) and P3 Coal Black.

For the camoflage, I first completely shaded and highlighted the blue cloth as described above. I then added rectangular patterns with VGC Cold Grey, White, and Black. The Cold Grey sections got some highlighting with Stonewall Grey and the Black were highlighted with VMC Dark Grey 166. The white provided its own highlighted by adding the second coat to a smaller area than the first coat.

Then, to help make those panels of color seem more a part of the cloth, I applied shadows to the deep folds and creases with VMC Dark Prussian Blue 050 and P3 Coal Black. These are applied to the cloth as a whole, irrespective of where the colored panels might fall.

May 6, 2015

Infinity - Ariadna: Metros

More line troops to flesh out the Volts force this time in the form of the Troupes Métropolitaines, or "Metros."

The stubble was added to the dude's head by adding some VMC Dark Prussian Blue to the base color of the flesh (which was itself a 50/50 mix of Brown Sand 132 and Medium Flesh 021), and glazing and stippling it on. If it ever left too much, or needed to be blended back in, I in turn glazed with coats of the base flesh color.