June 24, 2016

Infinity - Aleph: Family Photos

We wrap up these two weeks of Aleph models with group shots of the whole army.

June 23, 2016

Infinity - Aleph: Zayin Rebot

Earlier we talked about the first two types of Rebot remotes available to Aleph. In addition, they also have the Samekh Rebot with a Smart Missile Launcher, firing guided missiles onto marked targets from out of line of fire, and this model, the Zayin Rebot, with a Total Reaction Heavy Machine Gun. The total reaction bit means that it is rolling its full Burst of 4 dice in the Reactive turn, instead of just 1 die like most Reactive models.

The green lights on the bases were painted with VMC Light Green 075 <> Ivory 005. They were then glazed with some thinned-down turquoise ink.

June 22, 2016

Infinity - Aleph: Teucer

Teucer is another Marksman character for the Steel Phalanx of Aleph. Armed with a mighty Feuerbach, his Marksmanship Level X allows him to drop the weapon's burst from 2 to 1 in order to add +6 to his BS of 14 - Again, hitting on a 20 or less on a D20 is pretty good. If the target is in your good range band and out of cover (dummy), you hit on 23s - that adds 3 to your die rolls!

The harder black, used on weapons and equipment mostly is unsurprisingly painted Black, then highlighted with VMC Black Grey 168, Dark Grey 166, Neutral Grey 160, Light Grey 155 and White. The silver bits are painted the same way, but the highlights take up more real estate than they do on the black bits. And then the silver is glazed in areas with Intense Blue 052.

June 21, 2016

Infinity - Aleph: Sophotect

Arguably the best specialist in the game of Infinity, the Sophotect is fast, capable, and durable. Both an Engineer and a Doctor, she can move up to 10" per order to reach her objectives with her WIP of 15.

Her purple hair was painted with VGC Hexed Lichen, and white was added in bit by bit for the highlights. Shadows were added with Black.

June 20, 2016

Infinity - Aleph: Netrods

Netrods serve one purpose: To generate cheap orders for an otherwise expensive Aleph list. The don't fight, they don't move... they just sit in one spot and provide... Like, Wi-Fi, I guess.

The yellow-green "glow bits" on the Aleph models begins with VMC Flat Green 083, and is then highlighted with Lime Green 077, Yellow Green 078 and Light Yellow 010. It is then lined and/or shaded with Black Green 100.

June 17, 2016

Infinity - Aleph: Naga Hacker

Infiltrating specialists with Camouflage are extremely useful in many missions in Infinity, and at WIP 14 the Naga Hacker is very good at getting work done.

The orange accents on the bases were painted with VMC Light Orange 022 <> Ice Yellow 013, and then shaded with Scarlet 026.

June 16, 2016

Infinity - Aleph: Machaon

Machaon is a Doctor specialist for Aleph and the Steel Phalanx. His high WIP means he usually gets the job done, especially with a re-roll granted by a Command Token.

The blue accent color found throughout this army is painted with VMC Intense Blue 052 <> White, and then shaded and lined with Dark Prussian Blue 050.

June 15, 2016

Infinity - Aleph: Daleth Rebot

There are four models of Rebots available to Aleph and Steel Phalanx armies. This Daleth is a fast specialist (Forward Observer) with a whole host of tools to use on the battlefield. This particular model can also be used as the cheaper Lamedh repeater remote.

The blueish-black of the Tunguskan Bases were highlighted from black by adding in first VMC Dark Prussian Blue 050 then VGC Wolf Grey. The highlights were painted in stripes across the base to simulate a reflective surface.

June 14, 2016

Infinity - Aleph: Atalanta

Atalanta is a deadly sniper for Aleph, as her cute li'l SpotBot grants her +3 to her BS of 14, making it an impressive 17. With the far-reaching +3 range of her Sniper Rifle, she will need a 20 or less on a D20 in order to hit. I hear that's good.

There are two different blacks in use on these Aleph models. First is a sort of violet-black, used mainly on the softer areas, like armor insets, cloth, and the like.

It is painted with a mix of Black and VMC Violet 047 <> Ice Yellow 013 <> White, and then shaded and lined with Black.