March 29, 2016

Infinity - Mercenaries: Kaplan Tactical Services

Last minute addition to the Adepticon Haqqislam army - A Kaplan Tactical Services trooper with Adhesive Launcher, done up in a Sandtrooper scheme.

And the whole family of Fett-inspired Qapu Khalqi ready to rumble!

March 25, 2016

Infinity - Haqqislam Remotes

I painted a small Haqqislam force for Infinity awhile back, and they were all dressed sort of like Boba Fett. Well, it was time to add some reinforcements to make them playable, so now we have some Imperial-style droids to go along with them.

March 24, 2016

Infinity - Nomads: Reverend Superior Cassandra Kusanagi

I painted this model for the winner of our monthly raffle of Patreon supporters of MayaCast. The client, Magno, is famous for his "Team Creamsicle" Nomads.

For the Orange, I base-coated with VMC Purpleheart Red (sometimes labelled as Amaranth Red), and shaded by adding in VGC Hexed Lichen (Liche Purple). Highlights were built up by adding VMC Light Orange to the Purpleheart, and then adding VMC Ivory.