June 30, 2015

Infinity - PanOceania: Fusilier

The basic line infantry of PanO, the humble Fusilier. He comes in the Operation: Icestorm starter set and the new PanOceania starter box.

I painted the flesh with a mix of VMC Brown Sand 132 and Medium Fleshtone 021. This was then given a wash of thinned down Flat Earth 143 + Black Red 035. I reclaimed the flesh with the base color, and then added Sunny Skintone 020 to it for the first highlights. Further highlights were added with Basic Skintone 017 <> Ivory.

June 29, 2015

Infinity - PanOceania: Bulleteer Armbot

The Bulleteer Armbot is a great support piece, laying down fire with its spitfire while protected by its Optical Disruption Device (ODD) and buffed by friendly Hackers.

The blue armor found throughout the army is based with VMC Dark Prussian Blue 150. This is then highlighted with P3 Cygnar Blue Base, and Cygnar Blue Highlight <> White. It is lined with RMS Blue Liner, and edged with White.

June 26, 2015

Infinity - PanOceania: Peacemaker Armbot with Auxbot

The Peacemaker Armbot comes with its own, synched, Auxbot for support. Roll on up to its position and take an extra Heavy Flamethrower to the face!




The red used in the army for the stripes, cloth, and lights as well begins with a base coat of VMC Burnt Cadmium Red 034. The main color is then applied using Flat Red 031. This is highlighted with a mixture of 2 parts P3 Khador Red Base and 1 part Khador Red Highlight, and then with VGC Hot Orange. Bright Highlights are applied with VMC Light Orange 022, VGC Gold Yellow <> VMC Ice Yellow 013. Shadows are applied with VGC Scarlet Red.

June 25, 2015

Infinity - PanOceania: Aquila Guard

An Aquila Guard with HMG for the PanOceania army I recently completed.

The white throughout the army uses just three colors: VGC Sombre Grey, Wolf Grey, and White.  They are mixed freely between each other to help smooth transitions.

June 24, 2015

Infinity - PanOceania: Akalis, Sikh Commando

The next 300-point Infinity army that I have completed is PanOceania. The first model up is a Commando Akal from the Operation: Icestorm starter box.

The bases are the Tunguskan Bases by Warsenal.

They were painted black, then highlighted with VMC 166 Dark Grey, 160 Neutral Grey, and 155 Light Grey. I highlighted the outer edges of the base, leaving the center black to create a central shadow from the model. Then I lined with black and edge highlighted with white. The glow effects were first airbrushed white, and then hit with a quick coat of Ghost Tints "Plasma Fluid."