October 24, 2014

Yu Jing - Keisotsu Butai

I have painted a full, 300-point Yu Jing army list with an emphasis on Heavy Infantry, the Yu Jing speciality. This is the first completed "Complete Infinity Army" from the service that I am currently offering. Over the next several days, I will be sharing the various units from the army.

Up first are the line infantry. These Keisotsu models still hold up over time, and can be 9-point "cheerleaders," or represent the Forward Observer or Paramedic versions, if you want to field them as Specialists for missions.

The black is done by base-coating Black (Say WHAAaaaat?!?), then airbrush highlighting VMC 168 Black Grey, 166 Dark Grey, 160 Neutral Grey, 155 Light Grey, and then mixing white into the Light Grey. After airbrushing, I went back in with a brush and used Black and Dark Grey to line and shade, and used Light Grey and Light Grey + White to do the edge highlighting.

The base toppers are the excellent Tunguska Bases from my friends at Warsenal.

They add some height to the bases, but not so much that it looks awkward in any way. And with the new silhouette rules in Infinity 3rd Edition, it doesn't matter if he's on a 3" exotic wood plinth or a communion wafer... Do what you think looks cool. And if you stick them on top of the included black plastic Infinity bases, you can still take advantage of the magnet mount rings underneath to magnetize your models for contact-less transport.

October 17, 2014

Haqqislam - Maghariba Guard

The Haqqislam TAG is the Maghariba Guard. If you've seen Ghost in the Shell, you know where they got the design idea.

You can tell by looking this is one of Infinity's older models. It doesn't have the level of detail or skilled sculpting that their modern releases have. Luckily, they've shown some artwork of the new design:

October 16, 2014

Haqqislam - Yuan Yuan Mercenary

Yuan Yuan are Mercenary troops that can be included in the Haqqislam Sectorial army of Qapu Khalqi.

And finally, the Family Photo of all 12 Haqqislam models so far:

October 15, 2014

Haqqislam - Husam Spec-Ops

The Haqqislam Spec-Ops model can represent Ghulam Infantry, Hafza, or Hassassin Muyib. I suppose that's why he needs so many pockets.

Metal bits are VGC Sombre Grey, highlighted adding Wolf Grey then White. Then it is shaded by adding black, and tinted with P3 Cygnar Blue Base.

October 14, 2014

Haqqislam - Al Hawaa' Sniper

Nothing screams camouflaged, stealthy sniper like bright pink hair.

Make sure to look back through the last two weeks or so of posts in case you missed any of the color recipes.

October 13, 2014

Haqqislam - Al Hawaa' Hacker

The Al Hawaa' are great specialists in Qapu Khalqi. You can take 3 of them, they are camouflaged infiltrators, and the Forward Observer option lets them achieve objectives for a low points cost. I use this Hacker version as the Forward Observer (since there is no FO model).

The blue hair... maybe a little bit of the Jango showing through the Boba Fett color scheme?

October 10, 2014

Haqqislam - Azra'il with Feuerbach

Feuerbachs are great for taking down TAGs and high-armor, multi-wound models. So I painted up two Azra'il armed with them. Maybe I'll field both, maybe one will actually just be a Hafza using its Holoprojector...

The black of the weapons and boots is based Black, then highlighted adding VMC 166 Dark Grey, 160 Neutral Grey, then White.