April 13, 2016

Infinity: Morat Hemat Crates by Warsenal

I painted these brand new Hemat Crates - Morat-themed scatter terrain - for Warsenal.

They are stackable, and can be placed upright inside the Taugak Trenches as Lockers! Pretty nifty.

April 7, 2016

Adepticon Awards

Last week I attended Adepticon in Schaumburg, IL. I played in three Infinity tournaments, and entered my PanO models into the Crystal Brush.

In the Campaign Tournament, I came in Third Place. Kip and I, "Team MayaCast," won First Place in the Joint Operations Team Tournament on Friday. The PanOceania models tied for Gold in the Sci-Fi Unit Category at Crystal Brush.

The excellent Gecko is part of a pair that we won for winning the Team Tournament, painted by Tommy Back.

Here are links to the individual galleries for the PanOceania models in the above group:

Joan of Arc


Knight Hospitaller

Bulleteer Armbot

Kamau Hacker

Akalis, Sikh Commando

Nisse Sniper



April 6, 2016

Infinity - PanOceania: Kamau Hacker

I have had this model painted for some time - apparently, I have never uploaded her to the Blog! D'oh!

It is a Kamau Hacker for PanOceania for Infinity The Game. The Kamau are stationed on Varuna, a water planet with man-made islands, so I chose a color palette to reflect that.

Infinity - Morat Taugak Trench System

I painted these Morat Trenches for the fine folks at Warsenal, for their Adepticon release. They are fairly simple to assemble, and cover a large amount of board area for a very reasonable price. Check them out HERE.