August 21, 2015

Infinity - Nomads: Reverend Moira with Sniper Rifle

The final Reverend Moira from the set is armed with a MULTI-Sniper Rifle.

The bases were constructed by smoothing out a lump of Green Stuff putty into shallow mounds on the bases. Silicone sculpting tools called "Color Shapers" were used to push some contours into the surface. Cracks and splits were added with a sharp X-Acto blade. When the GS had cured, sand from the beach was added, and the sculpted ground was hit with a little bit of fine sand texture medium.

The bases were painted with P3 Umbral Umber, then highlights were airbrushed with GW Dark Flesh, VGC Leather Brown <> GW Rotting Flesh. The whole thing was given a thinned glaze of Liquitex Transparent Raw Umber. When dry, the sand was drybrushed with Leather Brown <> Rotting Flesh.

And the family shot of all four Reverend Moiras:

August 20, 2015

Infinity - Nomads: Reverend Moira with HMG

This Reverend Moira is rocking a Heavy Machine Gun.

The flesh was based with VMC Cork Brown 133, then highlighted with Beige Red 036 <> Basic Skintone 017 <> Ivory 005. Tones were glazed in with very thinned-down Orange Brown 131, and the cheeks were tinted with Old Rose 039. Deep shadows and lining were painted with Flat Earth 143.

August 19, 2015

Infinity - Nomads: Reverend Moira Hacker

The Reverend Moira Hacker of the Nomads faction for Infinity: The Game.

The red details were based with VMC Black Red 035, then highlighted with Burnt Cadmium Red 034, VGC Bloody Red <> VMC Sunny Skintone 020. Then I used RMS Red Liner to line them and VMC Ivory 005 for edge highlights.

The red lights on the guns were painted slightly differently. They were based with VMC Black Red 035, then highlighted with VGC Bloody Red, Hot Orange, VMC Light Orange 022, and edged with Ice Yellow 013.

August 18, 2015

Infinity - Nomads: Reverend Moira

This week, we have the boxed set of Reverend Moiras for the Nomads factions of Infinity: The Game. Up first is this lovely lady with Shock Close Combat Weapon.

The black was based with black, and highlights were airbrushed with VMC Black Grey 168, Dark Grey 166, Neutral Grey 160, and Light Grey 155. Then using a brush they were lined with Black, and then edge highlighted with Neutral Grey and Light Grey.

Silver parts were further highlighted up to white, and given a thin glaze in places of P3 Cygnar Blue Base + a drop of VGC Turquoise to tint them.

The green sword was painted with VMC Lime Green 77, highlighted with Yellow Green 078 <> White. Shadows were glazed into place with P3 Wurm Green and GW Snot Green. The whole thing was given a translucent glaze of Yellow Ink with just a touch of Green Ink mixed into it.

August 5, 2015

Infinity - PanOceania: Knight Hospitaller

An oldie but still a goodie... One of the earliest sculpts from Corvus Belli's Infinity: The Game PanOceania line, this Knight Hospitaller can represent any of the available profiles as it is only armed with a sword. I often run him as a Doctor, but also like to take the Boarding Shotgun profile in a link with Joan of Arc and De Fersen in a Military Orders list.

The blue armor was painted in the same manner as the rest of my PanO - a step by step tutorial can be found HERE.

August 4, 2015

Infinity - USAriadna: Roger Van Zant

Van Zant. Inspired by Matthew McConaughey's character from "Reign of Fire." This bad dude can parachute into your opponent's deployment zone table edge and start murdering dudes from behind.

This model is a limited edition Con Exclusive from GenCon last week. A version with pistol and axe arms (same body) will be available later in the year.

He is mounted on one of Warsenal's new Comanche bases.

The flesh on all of the USAriadna models was painted with VMC Cork Brown 133 <> Basic Skintone 017 <> Light Flesh 006, then glazed carefully here and there with Orange Brown 131 and Cavalry Brown 137 to add tones. Lining and final shadows were applied with Chocolate Brown 149.

August 3, 2015

Infinity - USAriadna: 5th Minutemen, "Ohio"

The 5th Minutemen, "Ohio" are another possible fireteam for your USAriadna army. Burst 3 flamethrowers on the Active Turn, anyone?

A family photo of the USAriadna starter pack that is included in the Army Pack:

The white markings - stars, rank insignia, etc - were painted using VGC Stonewall Grey and White. I would line the edges with Military Green 089 to tighten up the designs and set them off from the armor.