March 17, 2014

Asuka Kisaragi, Aragoto Senkenbutai

I painted this model for my friend Bill, from Warsenal. It is his prize for winning one of the Infinity tournaments at DuelCon last year. I will be handing it to him in person at the Rumble on Route 66 at the end of March.

The discarded cans on the base feature a "13 Pixels," a nod to the recipient's forum name as well as a tiny nod to the Warsenal logo. The details on the bike include "Asuka" in kanji (or at least what Google Translate showed me it was...), "Aragoto," and the logo of the Aragoto Senkenbutai. The spider on her jacket is her personal sigil.

I hope he likes her!

March 14, 2014

Tohaa: Makaul

The Makaul come with Zero-V Smoke Grenades, which makes them a very important addition to mobile Tohaa triads. Each will accompany a Specialist and support weapon, laying down smoke to cover their triads' advances.

And another family portrait as the group continues to grow:

March 12, 2014

Tohaa: Gao Rael Sniper

The next model I completed for my Tohaa was the Gao Rael with Sniper Rifle. The long range bands of the sniper rifle, combined with his Multispectral Visor Lvl 2 means I will be taking him in almost every list. 2 of the Kamaels with Combi Rifle from the previous post will fill out his Triad, one of them secretly being the Lieutenant.

And the whole group so far:

March 9, 2014

Tohaa! Tohaa! Tohaa!

I love movies about the naval war in the Pacific.

I've begun painting a new faction to play in Infinity - the alien Tohaa.

I've gone with what I think is a cool, sic-fi alien slick color scheme. As I've mentioned in the past, Tohaa female heads resemble artichokes, and this color scheme has also been described as "Disco Artichoke."

Can you dig it?

Up first are the basic infantry - the Kamael Infantry. These three are armed with Combi-Rifles.