January 30, 2015

JSA - Yojimbo, Sword for Hire

Yojimbo is a Mercenary character that can be included in the Japanese Sectorial Army. He rounds out the compliment of 5 motorcycle troops the army is centered around.

The Yojimbo model comes with a Dismounted version as well.

...and he is accompanied by two Krazy Koalas. If you get too close to them, they run up to you, hug your leg, and explode.

The gold rims on all the bikes were painted VMC 141 English Uniform, VGC Cobra Leather, 126 Gold Brown, 013 Ice Yellow, White. Shadowed with Cobra Leather + P3 Umbral Umber, then Black.

January 29, 2015

JSA - Aragoto Senkenbutai with Spitfire

The Aragoto Spitfire adds some extremely mobile fire support to the army.

Blue Accents were done with VMC 050 Dark Prussian Blue <> 070 Blue Green <> White.

January 28, 2015

JSA - Aragoto Senkenbutai Hacker

The next biker is the Hacker. Aragoto Hackers were already scary with how fast they could pounce upon objectives. The new expanded Hacking rules make these guys even crazier.

The yellow was painted VMC 131 Orange Brown <> 015 Flat Yellow, 010 Light Yellow, 013 Ice Yellow, White.

The visor was painted like the metal on the rest of the army (168 Black Grey, 160 Neutral Grey, 155 Light Grey, White. Tint with VGC Turquoise + P3 Cygnar Blue Base), and then some orange reflections were added with 131 Orange Brown + 015 Flat Yellow.

January 27, 2015

JSA - Aragoto Senkenbutai with Combi Rifle

The core theme of this army are the bikes. Friday showed their rowdy leader, Asuka Kisaragi. Here is the first bike trooper, armed with Combi Rifle.

Each biker has a different accent color. This guy's green helmet and details were painted VMC 083 Flat Green, 079 Golden Olive, 077 Lime Green, 078 Yellow Green, and then lined/shaded with 100 Black Green.

January 26, 2015

JSA - Raiden Seibutai with Spitfire

The Raiden Seibutai has an X-Visor which means that he will not suffer the -3 penalty to his shots over 24" on the Spitfire that he is armed with. 

The bluish glow on various models of this army is first painted VGC Turquoise, than highlighted by adding white. Then it is glazed with P3 Cygnar Blue Base.

January 23, 2015

Infinity - JSA Asuka Kisaragi

I mentioned on Monday that this JSA army was to be centered around motorcycle troops. I suppose it's about time that I shared one, then.

Asuka Kisaragi is a character Arogato Senkenbutai. She is a deviant motorcycle gang leader, and just so happens to lead this merry band of Japanese Sectorial troops.

The recipe for the red is as follows:

Bloody Red (VGC, or GW Blood Red if you still have some), Blazing Orange (also old GW, but the VGC equivalent is fine), VGC Scrofulous Brown <> White. Shade P3 Sanguine Base. Line with Red Liner (Reaper Masters Series). If painting over black, base coat with VMC 034 Burnt Cadmium Red <> Bloody Red to make life easier.

Her blond hair is VMC 153 Beige Brown, 119 Green Ochre, 125 Desert Yellow, 123 Dark Sand, 007 Pale Sand, 005 Ivory. Lined and shadowed with 144 Camo Pale Violet Brown.