December 31, 2015

Infinity - PanOceania: Bagh Mari 1

Happy New Year! This is the first of a 5-man Link Team of Bagh Mari for the Shock Army of Acontecimento.

December 30, 2015

Infinity - PanOceania: Acontecimento Regular 3

The last of the Acontecimento Regulars, this one let's call "Kate."

In the group shot of all 3, they're looking a bit "Lost."

December 29, 2015

Infinity - PanOceania: Acontecimento Regular 2

The second Acontecimento Regular for the Shock Army. Let's call this one "Jack."

For the skin, I started with VMC 128 German Camo Orange Ochre. To this I mixed 020 Sunny Skintone and then 005 Ivory for successive highlights. The skin is the tinted and shaded using glazes of 131 Orange Brown and 143 Flat Earth. 140 Flat brown is used for the mouth and eye sockets.

December 28, 2015

Infinity - PanOceania: Acontecimento Regular 1

This begins the second batch of PanOceania for the same client. This batch will be more focused on the Shock Army of Acontecimento, and begins with their basic line infantry, the Acontecimento Regulars. Let's call this one "Sawyer."

I'm using all the same colors for this batch of PanOceania, of course, but the green is the new color for the Shock Army.

The green starts with a basecoat of VMC 086 Luftwaffe Camo Green. This is highlighted with 082 Olive Green <> 079 Golden Olive <> 020 Sunny Skintone <> 005 Ivory. It is lined with RMS Green Liner, and shadows are glazed in with 089 Military Green.

December 22, 2015

Infinity - Combined Army: E-Drone

The box of Combined Army Drones with two Drones, and the pieces to make them as any of the 5 variants of Drone available. This particular combination of head, arms, and big back fin is specifically the E-Drone, but can equally be used to represent the M-Drone or R-Drone as well.

The green I'm using for the Combined Army and Morats armor starts with VMC 100 Black Green. Leaving that as the shadow color, the main color is 088 Gunship Green. Highlights are built up by first adding 076 Green Sky to the Gunship Green, and later adding White to the mix. Panels are lined with RMS Green Liner, and edges are highlighted with Green Sky <> White.

December 21, 2015

Infinity - Morat Aggression Force: Vanguard Infantry Hacker

The Morat Aggression Force is one of the Sectorial armies of the Combined Army faction for Infinity: The Game.  The Morat Vanguard Infantry are their basic trooper. This one is the Hacker version.

The bases are the excellent Lost Empires series from Dragon Forge Design.

Over black primer, the bases are based with VMC 035 Black Red. Highlights are then airbrushed with 137 Cavalry Brown, 131 Orange Brown, VGC Scrofulous Brown. They are lined with the Black Red, and then edge highlighted with Orange Brown <> Scrofulous Brown <> 009 Sand Yellow <> 005 Ivory.

December 18, 2015

Infinity - Steel Phalanx: Ajax the Great

Now that's a Big Boy. ARM 5, essentially 3 Wounds, this guy is a terror in Close Combat. He ignores any of your Martial Arts skill because of Natural Born Warrior, hits automatically with a CC 22, and can make that CC 28 with Berserk if he's not worried about your free return hit. Then it's an EXP CCW at Damage 16. Oof.

And the family shot of this batch of Steel Phalanx where you can see just how big Ajax is next to his puny friends.

December 17, 2015

Infinity - Steel Phalanx: Thrasymedes

Chandra Sergeant Thrasymedes can either be an Infiltrating Specialist or lead a link team of Thorakitai. He comes in the Dire Foes: Fleeting Alliance box where his John Snow is paired with the Daenerys Targaryen of the Nomads' Lupe Balboa.